Impact Testimonials From Community land Rights Researchers:

The research has helped a lot from the Dixie village, we have learnt to stand and work together as researchersWe have managed to get information that lead us to understand  our rights through the research.”

To me doing the research in the community is very important because it opened our mind about land rights. I think the research must carry on because there are some outstanding disputes that are still coming… It will give us power to do the research as unity.”

“The letter [Interim Protection of Land Rights Act and Cover Note] has had a huge impact on changing the thinking of the citizens… l have printed many copies of the letter and handed them over to members of the village who are going to read and make a change according to the information that is inside the letter.”

Impact Testimonials from Community Heritage Researchers:

“We want to continue to do the research… We all have the same mind – of wanting to know more… We’d like to research more and have more books about these kinds of people [older adults of Utha].”

“This is the most important work I have done in my life.”